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In addition to its ongoing collaborations with partner organizations, New Vista takes on new projects on a regular basis. Below is a listing of current and recent projects.

nellie mae education foundation

Go to the Nellie Mae Foundation's "Student Centered Learning in Action" case study, written by David Stephen and Eve Goldberg.

agency by design

Go To David Stephen's blog post on Harvard's Agency by Design website

Framingham K-8 STEAM Programing / Teacher Training and School
Start up Assistance

September 2013 – Ongoing, Framingham, MA
New Vista is providing teacher training and professional development to Framingham K-8 teachers as Framingham Public Schools (FPS) moves toward a roll out of its Leading Edge Achievement (LEAP) Project. Starting with a cohort of nine new Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM)-focused Kindergarten classrooms that will open in September of 2014, FPS will grow its STEAM Initiative into a K-8 program slated for location in a newly renovated Fuller Middle School. New Vista is facilitating the training of a STEAM Working Group that is charged with developing the nascent school's curriculum. New Vista will also consult on the programming and redesign of the Fuller Middle School renovation.

Collegiate School for Boys / PBL Technical Assistance
November 2013 – September 2014, New York, NY
New Vista is providing educational visioning and architectural programming services to the Collegiate School for Boys, an independent boy's school founded in 1628, as it finalizes the Design Development and interior detailing of its new 140,000 square foot school facility, slated to begin construction in Fall 2014. Because the project was initially envisioned as a renovation, its early programming work must now be revisited to ensure that the building's expanded program, key adjacencies, and interior finishes reflect the school's most current and creative thinking about 21st century teaching and learning at Collegiate. New Vista is facilitating the work of a New Facility Task Force that will build consensus around the school's guiding principles and priorities and ensure that they are fully realized within and supported by the new building.

Agency by Design / Design Thinking Curriculum Development
February 2013 – Ongoing, Oakland, CA
New Vista is providing design consultation and curriculum development assistance to the Agency by Design project run by the Harvard Graduate School of Education and funded by the Abundance Foundation. Working with teachers and students from four schools in Oakland, CA, (one public, one charter, one CTE, and one independent), New Vista is facilitating the creation of Campus Master Plans that enhance opportunities for "design and maker-thinking." Campus developments include the design of Maker Spaces, Fabrication Labs, and learning neighborhoods that support project-based teaching and learning.

Learning Environments for Tomorrow (Harvard LEFT Institute)/
Co-Chairing and Facilitation

April 2009 – Ongoing, Cambridge, MA
Initially an invited panelist and speaker at the Harvard's LEFT Institute, a joint venture of the Harvard Graduate Schools of Education and Design, New Vista's David Stephen began taking on a key planning and facilitation role within the yearly three-day conference in 2012. Uniting an international group of educators and architects interested in dynamic and forward thinking models for teaching and learning, and their implications for program and facility design, LEFT engages practitioners/participants in deep conversations about, and hands-on explorations of these themes. LEFT 2014 promises to focus on a showcase of 21st century pedagogy and best practice models as connected to Maker Thinking and Maker Spaces.

Da Vinci Schools / Educational Visioning and Programming
February – December 2013, Wiseburn, CA
New Vista facilitated a comprehensive educational visioning and programming process for the Da Vinci Schools Network's new high school facility in Wiseburn, CA, and was then hired by the selected architectural firm of Gensler to serve on the building design team. A network of public charter schools that operate under the umbrella of a hosting public school district, Da Vinci has attracted national attention for its engaging and successful STEM and STEAM middle and high school programs. The visioning process sought to align the, sometimes divergent, needs of three entities that each had a large stake in the new school design: Wiseburn Public Schools, Da Vinci Schools, and the Wiseburn community. The public education component of this job proved challenging, important and, ultimately, highly successful. It aimed to expand the thinking of local community members about what is desirable and possible with regard to the design of their first community high school.

Linden STEAM Academy / PBL Technical Assistance
August 2012 – Ongoing, Malden, MA
New Vista is providing ongoing teacher training and technical assistance to the Linden STEAM Academy in fulfillment of the school's i3 (Investing in Innovation) Grant. With a focus on the creation of inquiry-based programming for its K-8 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) program, New Vista is working with Linden to build teacher capacity and expertise in the planning, tuning, and assessment of student-centered and project-based curricula.

Sanford School Department / Educational Specifications
September 2012 – June 2013, Sanford, ME
New Vista is providing educational planning and visioning assistance to the Sanford School Department for the architectural programing and design of a new $135m high school and Career Technical Education (CTE) program. Sanford's forward-thinking program aims to combine head and hand within an integrated academic and vocational campus that will serve as a model for CTE delivery in the state. New Vista is tasked with the production of Educational Specifications for the State of Maine that will set design goals and parameters for the facility that aim to fully support its unique educational vision.

Dearborn 6-12 STEM Academy / Academic and Architectural Program Development
May 2012 – December 2012, Roxbury, MA
New Vista is working directly for the Massachusetts School Building Authority, and in collaboration with the city of Boston to assist in the academic visioning and conceptual design of the new Dearborn 6-12 STEM Academy, a "turnaround" middle school in Roxbury Massachusetts that seeks to harness the power of problem-based learning to engage students in a rigorous, authentic, and STEM-focused middle and high school curriculum. New Vista ran a series of community and stakeholder workshops that led to the subsequent creation of a Preliminary Design Guide that will inform the soon-to-begin architectural design process.

Pingry School / 21st Century Academic and Architectural Visioning
November 2011 – Ongoing, Martinsville, NJ
New Vista engaged a group of Lower and Upper School teachers, administrators, and development team members from the Pingry School in New Jersey, in a visioning process that sought to connect the school's newly conceived 21st Century Learning Outcomes to architectural design patterns and themes that will inform the renovation of its Lower and Upper School facilities. The fruits of this process include narratives and illustrations that will be used to guide Pingry's donor campaign, as well as give direction to the architectural design process as it unfolds.

Pittsfield School District / PBL Technical Assistance
November 2011 – June 2013, Pittsfield, NH
New Vista is providing ongoing teacher training and technical assistance to a team of teacher leaders from the Pittsfield Middle High School and Pittsfield Elementary School. Recipients of a 2012 Nellie Mae Education Foundation District Level Change Grant, Pittsfield schools are in the process of substantially restructuring their K-12 programming to adopt more student-centered, project-focused, and competency-based practices. New Vista's focus is on helping the schools to build capacity and expertise in project planning, authentic assessment, and exhibitions of student learning.

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New Academies / Educational Programming
November 2011 – Ongoing, New York, NY
New Vista is working with the thought leaders of a proposed new network of independent middle and high schools in Manhattan, to help them envision a unique and forward-thinking facility for their "blended learning" program. With a large portion of course content slated to be delivered via a robust and interactive online platform, New Academies will beta test a variety of highly flexible, interactive, and technology-rich learning environments. New Vista has been tasked with shepherding the program's design visioning, architectural program development, site feasibility studies, and architectural hiring process.

David Prouty High School / Educational Programming
April 2012 – October 2012
New Vista collaborated with Design Partnership of Cambridge as the Educational Planner for the new David Prouty High School facility in Spencer, MA. The teachers of Spencer and East Brookfield, MA, are embracing a vision of 21st century education that aims to create highly engaging and relevant experiences for students. They plan for their new or renovated high school facility to boast a variety of hands-on fabrication and production labs, as well as to foster community connections and extended learning opportunities.

Groton School / Science Center Pre-Design
November 2011 – May 2012
New Vista worked in collaboration with Architects of Achievement as the Educational Programmer for the Groton School Science Center. The new 30,000 square feet, $30 million center is tasked with bringing the Groton School's science and math departments into the 21st century by providing a forward-thinking facility that will both allow and encourage its teachers to model best practices in the delivery of integrated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programming. New Vista was hired to lead school study tours, facilitate STEM-focused academic visioning and curriculum development workshops, assist in the creation of Guiding Principles for design of the building, develop the architectural program for the facility, and guide the design team through a hands-on process of creating preliminary conceptual designs.

West Bridgewater Middle-Senior High School / Feasibility Study
September – December 2011, West Bridgewater, MA
New Vista is working in collaboration with Flansburgh Architects, Boston MA, as Educational Programmer for the West Bridgewater Middle-Senior High School. In this capacity, New Vista will offer design workshops to the faculty and larger community aimed at helping them to think outside-of-the-box as they approach the design of either a new or renovated school facility. Though fairly traditional in its thinking about school programming, the West Bridgewater community is excited about designing for flexibility, differentiated instruction, and a focus on 21st century skills. New Vista will also assist in conducting user group interviews, creating the architectural program, and offering feedback on the schematic design plan as it develops.

TIES (Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM) / STEM Model Development
September 2011 - Ongoing
New Vista's David Stephen is working in collaboration with Architects of Achievement to assist the Baltimore-based Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM (TIES) with the development of strategies and models for technical assistance in the creation of innovative STEM - (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) focused curricula, teacher training, and facilities development. In September, David facilitated a two-day retreat of STEM professionals focused on next-steps involved in the implementation of TIES' design-focused learning model.

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Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School / New Facility Design
2010 - Ongoing, Danvers, MA
New Vista continues its consultation with the North Shore Technical High School (NSTH) and Essex Agricultural and Technical High School (Essex Aggie) on the design of their new $135m facility and merged academic programs in Danvers, MA. Now in the Design Development phase, the new 337,000 square foot facility will house four semi-autonomous academies and form the State's most diversified secondary school devoted to career education. The new building is slated for occupancy in 2014 and is being designed by the Design Partnership of Cambridge. In addition to consulting with the architects on programming and schematic design, New Vista is facilitating the development of a Merger Leadership Team that aims to ensure thoughtful academic visioning and planning for the merger. New Vista continues to offer workshops to the faculty of each school to expose them to best-practice precedents in CTE program design and help them to articulate their shared architectural and academic goals and priorities.

Berrien Springs School District / PBL Training
2010 - Ongoing, Berrien Springs, MI
New Vista embarked upon a multi-year contract with the Berrien Springs Public Schools in rural Michigan to facilitate district-wide workshops in all aspects of project-based teaching and learning. With the assistance of New Vista, BSPS will create and implement a set of 21st century learning goals and standards. A series of eight one week-long residencies will train a team of 60 teachers to take leadership roles in the implementation and cultivation of projects within the district's middle school, high school, virtual academy, alternative school, and adult-education program. The creation of a virtual PBL environment for sharing and monitoring student projects will facilitate the creation of powerful projects and the delivery of ongoing technical assistance.

Harvard Graduate Schools of Design and Education / Exploring Emerging Technologies in Schools
July 2011, Cambridge, MA
David Stephen returned to the Harvard Graduate School of Education for a second year to serve as a presenter and panelist in a two-day institute sponsored by both the Harvard GSE and the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and focusing on Emerging Technologies in 21st Century Schools. The institute engaged a mixed group of architects and educators in an exploration of changing architectural and educational paradigms over the next decade. David's talk focused on School Environments for 21st Century Teaching and Learning.

Oxbridge Academy / PBL Training
July 2011 - Ongoing, West Palm Beach, FL
New Vista offered a two day training in project-based curriculum development to the newly hired faculty of Oxbridge Academy, an independent high school that opened in September 2011 in West Palm Beach, Florida. A group of 25 dynamic and highly experienced teachers, hired from throughout the United States, came together to create a school that strives to engage a diverse group of students, many of whom are given full or substantial financial assistance, in rigorous and project-based study.

MUSE Elementary School / FF&E Services
November 2011 - Ongoing, Santa Monica, CA
New Vista worked with Architects of Achievement in the selection and specification of Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment for the MUSE Elementary School's new Calabasas campus, set within a picturesque canyon within two miles of Malibu Beach. The K-5 independent school provides a Reggio Emilia inspired academic program with a strong focus on the environment and sustainability. Presently enrolling 60 children, the newly renovated campus with grow to house up to 240. A centrally located Lodge Building will serve the communal functions of the school, such as dining, community gatherings, parent meetings, and quiet study within a multi-purpose space that is furnished with highly flexible and environmentally friendly furniture. Classrooms will contain multiple activity zones, defined by furniture groupings meant to inspire creative exploration.

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MC2 STEM High School / 11-12 Campus Design
December 2010 - February 2011, Cleveland
New Vista worked in collaboration with Architects of Achievement to run a visioning and program development workshop for the design of the MC2 STEM High School’s 11-12 Campus in Cleveland, OH. Each grade level of the project-based school is connected to a different industry partner. The 9th grade program is located at the Great Lakes Science Center, and the 10th grade program (see New Vista project pages) is on the STEM industry corporate campus at GE Nela Park. MC2’s 11-12 campus is slated to be located in a renovated 42,000 sf. building in the heart of downtown Cleveland, and adjacent to Cleveland State University. Ongoing design consultation and feedback will be provided during the expedited two month design process, as well as during the detailing of classrooms, labs, and public spaces.

Nellie Mae Education Foundation / Best Practices in
Student Centered Learning

May - August 2010, Quincy, MA
David Stephen facilitated a discussion with staff at the Nellie Mae Education Foundation about project-based teaching and learning. NMEF is embarking upon a new giving campaign to support student-centered programming in schools within the New England states. David wrote a feature article about project-based learning for NMEF's inaugural newsletter, and worked with the foundation to develop case studies of schools with promising student-centered practices.

Marysville Middle School / Middle School Pre-Design
January - June 2010, Marysville, WA
New Vista worked with DLR Group Architects in Seattle to complete the pre-design phase of the new Marysville Middle School. New Vista and DLR won the competition for the building based on their combined experience in the creation of inquiry-based, small-school learning environments. A series of seven workshops with the Design Team covered academic vision, guiding principles, school tours, program development, and conceptual design development. In its district-wide movement toward small, performance-based schools, Marysville has recently constructed a number of cutting-edge small school campuses.

Harlem Village Academy / Construction Phase
June 2005 - Ongoing, Harlem, NY
New Vista continues its consultation with Harlem Village Academies through each phase of their new high school design. Construction of the 5 story building began in September 2010, and New Vista has continured to consult in the detailing of interior spaces, finish materials, and furniture. Additionally, attention will be given to the creation of a new logo for the organization and a graphic identity system for the new building.

Greensboro Day School / PBL Training
June 2010, Greensboro, NC
David Stephen returned to the Greensboro Day School in North Carolina to continue training its teachers in project-based learning. A two day workshop will focus on the creation and scaffolding of projects, Presentations of Learning, and Exhibitions of Learning

California Charter School Association / Website and Office Design
May 2010 - May 2011, Sacramento, CA
New Vista consulted with the California Charter School Association on the design of its new Sacramento office space and the development of graphics and navigation for its new website.

Plymouth Education Center / High School Conceptual Design
2005 - 2010, Detroit, MI
New Vista worked with Plymouth Education Center in Detroit, MI, in collaboration with Hamilton Anderson Architects, on the design of its new modular high school building.

Michigan Health Academy / PBL Training
September 2009 - June 2010, Dearborn, MI
New Vista worked on an ongoing basis with the faculty of the Michigan Health Academy in Dearborn, MI, to create, implement, and monitor its project-based learning strategies and progress. With a focus on the health industry, MHA has turned its attention to the development of successful internship experiences and student projects.

Architects of Achievement / Alpine High School Design
New Vista is consulted with Architects of Achievement and the IBI Group Architects on the design of Alpine High School within the Grossmont Union High School District, San Diego County, CA . The new high school campus will be composed of 5 two-story small school buildings, and shared dining, performance, and fitness facilities. Designed for project-based, 21st century learning, the small school buildings will be highly flexible, wired, and oriented toward community building and team teaching.

Race to the Top / National Governor’s Association Conference
December 2009
David Stephen worked with The Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM (TIES) to serve as a state facilitator in a two-day conference assisting states in the preparation of applications for funds from the Obama Administration’s Race to the Top Initiative. David worked with the state of Connecticut to prepare their application. Particular attention was given to the articulation of STEM-focused programming.

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