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New Vista has assisted in the design of a wide range of forward thinking school facilities. The following provides highlights from current and recent projects.

San Diego, CA 2000-2006
In collaboration with The Stichler Group and Carrier Johnson Architects

Launched by an industry and educator coalition, the High Tech High network of schools is a bold innovation in public education. With its highly successful and student-centered approach to teaching and learning, and the opening of 10 new schools since 2000, High Tech High (HTH) has attracted international attention as a model school program for the 21st century. The HTH academic program is founded on the design principles of Personalization, Adult World Connection, and Common Intellectual Mission. Each school houses a small, diverse learning community of 300-450 students, and each new facility pushes the envelope further in the creation of vibrant and adaptable learning environments that support team-teaching, project-based instruction, ubiquitous technology, and performance-based assessment.

As HTH Curriculum Coordinator from 2000-2002, and Director of Design from 2002-2006, New Vista's David Stephen led the HTH building design and construction effort for the school's first five facilities. The three high schools, two middle schools, and one elementary school that comprise the original HTH Village in San Diego are among the best performing public schools in California. HTH attracts educators and architects from all over the globe… over 3,000 of whom come to visit, observe, and learn from the school each year.

Innovative building features include:
• A "wow space" commons room for formal and informal gatherings
• Projects studios for student gatherings, small group work, and presentations
• Teaching neighborhoods for integrated curriculum delivery
• Movable walls between teaming teachers/classrooms
• Shared teacher offices and workspaces
• Highly flexible, multi-purpose seminar rooms
• Ubiquitous technology
• Multiple venues for display and exhibition of student work
• Indoor/outdoor connections

HTH Stats
• Blind lottery by zip code
• $7,000 per year per student
• $6,000 after debt service to facilities
• 50 – 60% students of color
• 30 – 40% free and reduced lunch

HTH Outcomes
• 100% HS Graduation
• 92% College Entry
• 73% 4-Year College
• 76% Retention after 4 years

California Averages
• 50% HS Graduation
• 60% Retention after 4 years

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