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New Vista offers a range of professional development workshops and ongoing technical assistance to schools and districts wishing to develop their capacity to deliver effective and engaging project-based and student-centered programming. Highly interactive, grounded in research and first-hand experience, and adapted from a variety of successful school models, New Vista tailors its workshops to individual school needs, aiming to build excitement and ownership amongst teachers and school leaders while offering practical tools and examples to inspire the creation of powerful student projects and meaningful curricula.


New Vista workshops model effective project-based teaching and learning practices, utilizing a thoughtful mix of multi-media presentations, large and small group processes, hands-on and project-based activities, performance-based assessments, exhibitions, and individual reflection. Clients can adapt the following workshop topics to address their learning needs, with time frames varying from two hours to three days for any given workshop or series of workshops. For more information about workshops and fees, please contact David Stephen at

Workshop Descriptions (click on workshop title for full description)

1.Seeing the Future
2. Project-Based Learning Basics (101) Sample Agenda
3. Powerful PBL (201)
4. Raising the Bar through PBL (301)
5. Technology in the PBL Classroom
6. CityWorks: Exploring the Community Through PBL
7. PBL in Career and Technical Education (CTE)
8. Internships Made Meaningful
9. Student Advisories that Work
10. Team Teaching and Integrated Curriculum Development
11. Proficiency-Based Assessment

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